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The SIM Manager is the IRON Suite component which manages SIM control and allocation.
It has knowledge of available SIMs stored in the SIM Racks. SIM selection and rotation are
advanced criteria such as country, provider, date, time, usage, ports status and location.
SIM Racks store SIM cards centrally and provides a SIM to IP interface to the IRON SIM Manager.
A SIMRack can be loaded with up to 13 SIM Board, each having a capacity of 32 SIMs.
Multiple SIM Racks canbe deployed and controlled by the IRON SIM Manager.
The Profile Manager keeps track of all events generated in the IRON Suite database.
Through the webinterface, it is then possible to see per SIM card which type of event has been generated as well as thecompletion ratio.
A User is a login/password pair of information stored in the database.
Despite administrator, all users areowned by a partition.
A Partition allows to logically segmenting IRON suite objects (managers, users, cards, devices, etc.).
It is auseful mean to forbid users group’s interactions on a same hardware platform.
A Device is the GSM hardware interface.
Devices have a limited number of virtual ports. Each port is a one to one match to use cards at a sametime.
When all ports are used on a device, no more cards can be mapped on its ports.