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This command configures PDP parameters for data session on the specified GSM port; APN Name, PDP User Name, PDP password, connection timeout (seconds), PDP Header Compression flag, PDP Data Compression flag, IP Address, IP Network Mask, Primary DNS and Secondary DNS. These parameters are used in all further Data sessions.


Command Input arguments Returns
SetDataParameters Port index, APN name, User Name, Password, [Timeout, PDP Header Compression, PDP Data Compression, IP Address, IP Network Mask, Primary DNS, Secondary DNS, Authentication type] In the case of error, Error Code

All error messages are available in Data Commands Status Message list


~# SetDataParameters 0 "internet" "gprs" "telenor"

~# SetDataParameters 1 "internet" "gprs" "telenor" 30

~# SetDataParameters 1 "internet" "gprs" "telenor" 30 TRUE FALSE 1433