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This command waits until SMS is received on the specified GSM port or optional timeout (entered in seconds) expired. If timeout is not specified or is greater than general timeout, general timeout will be used. FROM_NETWORK Parameter is applied by default and allows to receive only incoming SMS from the network. FROM_SIMCARD paramter will allow to check if a SMS is pending in the simcard before to check if an SMS is incoming. All received SMS are stored in the CDR.


Command Input arguments Returns
WaitAndReceiveSms Port index, [Timeout], [ReceiveMode] SMS origin number and text, in the case of error, Error Code


Command status in the following format:
"SMS RECEIVED from %s %s [%s]\n", origin_number, sms_text, sms_pdu
"SMS RECEIVED from MMS %s [%s]\n", sms_text, sms_pdu
"%s\n", command_status


~# WaitAndReceiveSms 0 240
SMS RECEIVED from 0632279930 “How are you?” [07911326040000F0040B911346610089F60000208062917314080CC8F71D14969741F977FD07]

~# WaitAndReceiveSms 0 240
TIMEOUT EXPIRED WaitAndReceiveSms Remote