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This command allows to set all VoLTE parameters for a dedicated port and restart the modem if it is mandatory. To place a voice call, The modem can be configured to accept the fallback in circuit switch (2G/3G), force in VoLTE or let the network do the select by itself (CSFB, VOLTE or AUTO). IMS APN, UserName, Password, Authentication type and the PDP Type are optional parameters. The Authentication type can be NONE, PAP, CHAP or PAP_CHAP and the PDP type can take the value IPV4 or IPV4V6. The MBN profile (optional) can be set to AUTO or with the name of a MBN profile present in the module. In this case, if the MBN profile is different than the current profile, the modem will be restarted.


Command Input arguments Returns
SetVolteParameters PortIndex, VolteMode, [ APN, UserName, Password, AuthType, PDPType, MbnProfile ] In the case of error, Error Code


Command status


~ # SetVolteParameters 4 VOLTE "" "" "" NONE IPV4 AUTO
SetVolteParameters Remote