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This command allows to send a specified MMS message from the specified GSM port. It requires that Data session on the specified GSM port be already up on the appropriate APN and MMS parameters set for sending MMS. This command sends MMS to the specified destination number, with specified text (entered between double quotes, coded as UTF-8), from the specified GSM port. The MMS title can be specified as an optional parameter. Command exits as soon as the MMS is submitted to MMSC.
If timeout is not specified or is greater than general timeout, general timeout will be used. Timeout = -1 allows to ask for DLR but DLR is not wait to release the command.


Command Input arguments Returns
SendMmsAndWaitDelivery Port index, Destination number, FilePath1, [FilePath2, FilePath3, FilePath4, Subject, Timeout, CcNUmbers, BccNUmbers] In the case of error, Error Code




~# SendMmsAndWaitDelivery0 0632279930 "MMS message from BASH script"