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Version : RBT04.10B007
Availability : 2023/02/21
Min req. : RBT04.00B009

WARNING : Quectel RM500 module must be updated with RM500QAEAAR11A03M4G_BETA_20210408A firmware before to install this update

Main evolutions

  • Change starting up state machine. Step STARTING introduced between power of and INITIALIZING.
  • Add CDR for MMS
  • Real ntp
  • Allows using eSIM apdu when using a SimRack
  • Add REG_SZ SipPublicAddress in services/gsmrobotd/parameters/sip to workaround NAT traversal issues
  • Add MMS ougoing/incoming/delivery in CDR
  • Charset is now automatically detected from OpenUSSDSession and SendUSSDCommand (the same way as it is done for SMS)
  • Speedtest support JSON server list file

Main corrections

  • Fix receiving the same SMS reference when sending several SMS in the same time
  • Fix several bugs when using a secondary SimServer
  • #45177: Fix SetVolteParameters BAD PARAMETER with Mbn AUTO
  • Fix a crash in SendMmsText

Components list evolution

gsmrobotd : 2.00.117 (updated)
gsmuxsvc : 8.00.001 (updated)
kernel : 4.4.206-9
LinuxDrivers : 6.00.018
PlugAndPlay : 11.00.061
qsysinit : 6.50.074 (updated)
quectelcm : 1.00.011
r2d2 : 2.00.067 (updated)
r2d2config : 1.00.044
testrobot : 1.00.011