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This command specifies HTTP server that will be used on the specified GSM port. It requires that Data session on the specified GSM port be already up. If any of required parameters is not needed it can be specified as NULL string (""). Optional Web Proxy can be specified, with user name and password. HTTP version parameter can be "0" or "1". Optional HTTP header name and value can be specified always in pair. Up to 13 HTTP headers can be specified.


Command Input arguments Returns
ConnectHttp Port index, Proxy IP address or Host Name and Port, User Name, Password, HTTP Version, Maximal Number or Redirections, list of pairs HTTP Header Name - HTTP Header Value In the case of error, Error Code

All error messages are available in Data Commands Status Message list


~# ConnectHttp 0 1916200 "pdubois" "iqsim" 0 10 "User-Agent" "WIP-HTTP-Client/0" "Accept-Encoding" "gzip" "Accept-Language" "en-US"

~# ConnectHttp 0