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R2D2 Data log file

IRON R2D2 generates a line in Data log file (/var/log/R2D2_DATA.CDR) for each Data (PDP) session, with the information from this session. Here is an example of such line from Data log file:

Index Field Name Description Example
1 Date Local date of PDP session start 13-12-2012
2 Time Local time of PDP session start 17:30:21
3 GSM port GSM port on which PDP session was established 3
4 APN APN name SFR
5 IP address IP address for PDP session
6 Error Code CME Error returned by GSM module, 0 for no error 0
7 Upload volume Upload volume in bytes 4096
8 Download volume Download volume in bytes 126641
9 Duration Total PDP session duration (in seconds) 147
10 ICCID ICCID 8935299574110426123
11 Reserved for future use
12 PLMN Public Land Mobile Network of the used network 22002
13 LAC Location Area Code of the used network cell 52001
14 CelId Cell ID 32334
15 Network GSM/WCDMA/LTE band WCDMA2100
16 IMSI IMSI 270996211041234