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R2D2 CDR File

R2D2 generates a line in CDR (Call Data Record) file for each incoming/outgoing call, SMS and USSD session. Here is an example of 2 such lines (tickets) from CDR file:





Format of IRON R2D2 CDR file

Index Field Name Length Description
1 Date Local date of call/SMS/USSD session start 01/03/2012
2 Time Local time of call/SMS/USSD session start 17:30:21
3 GSM port GSM port on which call/SMS/USSD session was placed/received 1
4 Destination Called number or SIM card ICCID number 632279930
5 Origin Caller number or SIM card ICCID number 8938103000008344218
6 Call duration Total call duration (time between call connection and hang-up, in milliseconds) 147000
7 Release Location GSM release location (GSM 04.08 if available, otherwise 4) 4
8 Release Cause GSM release cause (GSM 04.08) or SMS CMS Error code 16
9 PDD Post Dial Delay (time between placing call and receiving first alerting message, in milliseconds) 4378
10 Calling duration Total Calling duration (time between placing call and receiving final status, in milliseconds) 11329
11 Hang-up origin Origin of hang-up (from ROBOT or NETWORK side) NETWORK
12 Modem response Response from GSM modem (NO_DIALTONE, NO_ANSWER, NO_CARRIER or BUSY) NO_CARRIER
13 IMEI GSM port IMEI number 12745000699682
14 IMSI SIM card IMSI number 310150345283288
15 Call Type Call type (VOICE, SMS, USSD) VOICE_CALL
16 Direction Call/SMS direction (outgoing/incoming) OUTGOING
17 SMS PDU / USSD response PDU buffer of outgoing/incoming SMS 07911326040000F0

040B91134661 0089

GSM7: New credit available.

18 PLMN Public Land Mobile Network of the used network 22003
19 LAC Location Area Code of the used network cell 52010
20 CellID Cell ID 32581
21 GSM/WCDMA band GSM/WCDMA band GSM900
22 Date Local date of call/SMS/USSD CDR write 01/03/2012
23 Time Local time of call/SMS/USSD CDR write 17:30:29